Regional Citizen Journalism Clubs


Tis initiative spearheaded by Nawaat jointly with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, aims to strengthen citizen reporting by starting up six local citizen media collectives: in Sidi Bouzid, Kasserine, Bizerte, Makther, Gafsa, and Gebili – all regions located in Tunisia’s interior and south.

The goal is to have a national network of alternative and citizen media, using simple blogging platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts as the collectives’ technical support. The project embodies the heart of grassroots journalism: decentralizing information by helping local citizen journalists create their own regional content through a network covering issues directly relating to local residents.

The project kicked off in October 2011 by hosting a total of six training sessions – one in each city – at the local and regional youth centers (Maison des Jeunes or دار الشباب). Ten representatives from each city attended each of the training sessions, which are taught by both Nawaat bloggers and Canal France Internationale (CFI) journalists. The average age of participants is 17. At the trainings, 60 participants learned how to write different types of articles and how to use appropriate angles in reporting.