Nsitni Initiative

More than seven months have passed since January 14th, and the martyrs and the wounded who have scarified so much by offering their lives, or their physical and psychological integrity, thus jeopardizing their future and their families, are still being ignored by the authorities and unrecognized by the general public, despite the enormity and the impact of their heroic act.

The families have been agonizing, till now, and they have been unable to come to term with their grief, as most of their children have died young.

Similarly, the wounded and their relatives are still facing tremendous hardships, and their daily lives are an endless suffering, due to a lack of care and means, to the point that some of the wounded are in a very critical situation, while others have already died.

In order to improve this situation, a group of independent citizens have created, with the help of Nawaat and Tunaide, the Citizens Collective against Oblivion. This collective’s goals are the recognition of the Martyrs and the Wounded of the Revolution and the restitution of their rights on the medical, social, psychological and juridical levels.

To this effect, a platform will be launched on the Web, www.nsitni.org , which will gather and centralize all the data on the martyrs and the wounded, as well as various documents, films, videos, pictures, etc.

Besides, groups were created to deal with the following 4 axes:

- Data collection
- Media coverage and communication
- Social, Medical and Psychological interventions
-Judicial and legal help.

Moreover, for a better traceability of the aids or donations t granted to the wounded or the Martyr’s families, Tunaide bank account is at the disposal of any potential donator .

In order to guarantee transparency of financial transactions, cash management and accounting management reports will be communicated for each donation.

To contact us:

- Our Website: www.nsitni.org
- Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Nsitni
- Email: contact@nsitni.org

To donate:

- Bank account number of the organization TunAide:
- RIB: 08 601 000 192 0060 486 82, BIAT Charguia II
- IBAN : TN59 0860 1000 1920 0604 8682
- Code Swift : BIATTNTT

- Send us an Email to contact@nsitni.org in which you mention all the informations about your transfer and in which you precise if the amount is for Nsitni or is for particular cas