In an effort to provide a service for Tunisian Internet users, nawaat Hackerspace has developed the first events website in the country. The website, called aims to index all arts, politics, cinema, theater, civil society and conference events that are taking place across the country.

Using a crowd-sourcing approach, not only keep users updated about what’s happening in Tunisia and in their own city, but also gives them the space to share their events on the platform and important their own events form Facebook.

A small community is being build around the platform and an offline marketing work will be undertaken in order to improve the visibility of the new platform among events organizers, civil society NGOs, theaters and Cultural centers.

The current beta release of the platform will be improved soon with a much stable and more user-friendly version. (see this article that cover the birth of Tunisie :, 1er né de Nawaat HackerSpace…) from tunisians on Vimeo.